Groundwood (PGW, GW)

Rebex offers plenty of services to groundwood mill customers. Our projects have been very successful and we have many references concerning grinder repairs and overhauls to prove this. We have overhauled 60 pcs PGW grinder and GW grinders over the years.

Rebex has also experience of grinder transfer projects including disassembly, inspection, overhaul, assembly and start-up service.

Our products include:

  • Pressure grinder (PGW) overhauls
  • Grinder (GW) overhauls
  • Stone changes
  • Overhauls and modernizations of grinder parts
  • Spare parts for grinders
  • Inspection and trouble shooting services
  • Design and project management
  • Erection supervisor and start-up services

General information

Recommended interval for major overhauls of the grinder is from 6 to 8 years depending on the operating conditions. Regular rebuilds enhance the reliability of operation and improve groundwood mill productivity. At the same time maintenance costs are better controlled and unexpected downtime can be avoided.

We take care of project management, design, erection supervisor and start-up services of overhaul projects. Together with our co-operative partners we can also offer good quality and effective fitting services.

We have enough tools to suit the needs of large groups of fitters as well. We update our safety, firework and first aid skills regularly to ensure reliable and safe work.

We also offer assembly work at our workshop. Our facilities are situated in the city of Ylöjärvi in western Finland.